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Giulio Osteria @ Via Ludovico Muratori, Milan

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Guildo Osteria was a highly reccomended eatery near the hotel and we took the gamble since hunger makes one irrational. We poked our heads into the crowded eatery and expected to be shooed off but to my surprise and zilch Italian, we were brought to the back courtyard of the restaurant and into another dining hall.

The name of the hall that I realised, later.

We had the pleasure of being hosted by the only person in the restaurant who could speak English. She did all the translations to her best ability and we really appreciate that hospitality.

Her way of making out our orders.

Condiments to go with our food. I like the long dining table that was housed in the hall, felt almost like dining in a varsity hall - Harry Potter?

All part of the meal - still and sparkling water, red and white wine too. Particularly loved their white wine that went well with all courses. 

Crusty bread to kickstart the meal. 

Penne with Bacon

A simple pasta dish with olive oil and bacon, loved the al dente texture. 

Tube Pasta was like short dense noodles, easy to eat.

Tomato Pasta

Another simple dish executed right.

Chicken Wings and Potatoes

Just wings and potatoes, nothing too extraordinary.

Lamb Chops

More bone than meat but the potato fries and gravy were tasty!

Pork with olives

A sauteed braised pork ribs with olives that was somewhat oriental but really delicious.

Ending off with espresso had to be the perfect end, albeit without dessert.

3 tasty courses for 15 EUR, Milan is affordable afterall.

Giulio Osteria
Via Ludovico Muratori, 10, 20135 Milan

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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