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En Dining @ UE Square

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$38.90++ Eat All You Can Yakitori buffet was the main reason why we decided to dine there. For one, yakitori is pricey - chargeable by stick. Gluttony or not, we were the only other table in the empty restaurant that ordered the buffet. Their promotional tactic of limited to 30 people a day probably wasn't too successful.

Drinks were included in the buffet so then order away at their refillable green tea.

The rest of the restaurant.

The sashimi platter limited to 1 serving per table never arrived and we only realised it way past dinner - bummer!

Pork Shabu Salad

Garlic fried rice, do order it at the start so you will not be too full to finish it.

Wafu Mentai Pasta

A tasty pasta dish - particular mention goes to the mentaiko cream sauce - oiishii ne!

Let me just do a pictorial of the yakitori dishes attempted and point out the more outstanding ones.

Chicken and Leek

Shiitake Mushroom

Enoki Pork Belly

The cheese made this so delicious - loved how juicy this was!


Quail's Egg

Miso Tofu

Tomato Bacon Cheese

The bacon combination works with nearly anything - love!

Chicken Balls

Pork Belly Leek


Chicken Thigh Meat

Pork Belly

Chicken Wing


Green Peppers


I'm not sure when I started liking grilled corn, this was no exception.


This was a rather average buffet and the items were served too fast for us to savour. Not the best buffet spread from the En Group, I'd prefer Z'En dining anyday.

En Dining
UE Square

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