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Eggs & Berries @ Gateway

Special thanks to Racheal for the invite!

I first knew of Eggs and Berries when they opened their doors to their flagship store at Changi Point. Recently they  opened their second outlet at Gateway and has been enjoying tremendous success amongst diners.

Italia Eggs Benedict  Doppia ($18.90)

Eggs are marquee ingredients at Eggs and Berries. The restaurant boasts one of the largest ranges of egg dishes in town, from Eggs Benedict to French toast.

This is available solo and duo, the eggs were well executed but fell short at the hollandaise sauce - a tad too weak. 

Runny test - passed!

Rosti with a pretty tulip mayo design. 

Aglio Olio King River Prawn ($19.90)

Dive into the broth first for a garlicky kick before twirling the noodles and tucking into a well executed pasta dish. I took humour in the king river prawn that seemed to have neverending superfluous limbs.

Double whammy.

Beef and Caprese Burger with Balsamic Reduction ($14.90)

A juicy and hearty burger served with salad and chips, please order this only if you have an appetite to match.

Portions are good for sharing. 

Pork and Sage spiked Burger with Paprika ($12.90)

This tasted exactly like Mcdonalds' Mcmuffin with a way thicker patty. Otherwise everything else was almost a replica - loved it!

Spy the pink?

Truffle and Mushroom Fries ($9.90)

These fries were on the oily side and a tad soggy but the truffle was a hit from the start.

Homemade Creme Brulee ($4.90)

Served in a glass egg, this was more pudding than a creme brulee.

Mango Pancakes ($6.90)

This pancake stack is packed with so many mangoes,  it makes it all worthwhile ordering it just for the fruit. The pancakes were on the limp side however.

Green Mountain Bee ($6.50)
avocado, bee pollen, vanilla

The thickest avocado shake ever consumed, so thick and rich that scooping it from the glass would be a better way of consuming than fighting with the straw. Some dilution will not kill though - creamy milkshake awaits!

Nuts About? ($6.50)
chocolate, 3 types of nuts, vanilla 

Tasted just like a peanut butter flavoured milk shake.

Another option for brunch with more than just eggs and waffles to complete the meal.

Eggs and Berries
Gateway, Level 2

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