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Cum Quibos @ Via S. Martino, San Gimignano

Tripadvisor is actually in sync with the tour guide that we booked for a tour of Pisa, San Gimignano and Siena. Marie, our guide made quick reservations for lunch and thanks to winter we had a table in such short notice.

Had it not been for Marie, I doubt I'd have even tracked this place down - the corners and turns made me dizzy. Love the whole feel of the entrance, shrubs and plants hanging all over.

The warmly lit restaurant with lovely splashes of colour.

Interesting touches - I actually wanted to eat the orange. 

The generous bread basket that was a great start to the meal - freshly baked bread for once!

Amuse bouche of charred toast with olive oil and butter, so simple yet so divine. 

Fresh spaghetti with "cinta senese" pork cheek, red onion and sheep cheese (10.50 EUR)

Like a ragout, the flavours were well captured. The best part of the dish had to be the dense rolls of pasta that put any handmade noodle to shame.

Fresh pasta with fresh truffles (14 EUR)

The mount of truffles was enough to make any diner grin with such delight.With the number of shavings, I can only imagine the amount it would cost locally. Noodles done al dente, the bite was dense and rich in flavour. The meat was barely there but the olive oil, crushed pistachios and cubes of ham made it too good to resist.

Lady luck had to be shining on us that day when the chef came over to shave more truffles! Marie claimed in all her experiences at the restaurant, this had to be a first.Not only for his generosity, this is the best truffle pasta eaten, ever.

Tuscan recipe of baked pork liver (14 EUR)
Fennel seeds, chard

Smelt so pungent for a start and the gameyness permeated every single bite, I did not like it one bit but the gourmet thought

Ancient tuscan cream caramel with dried currant, honey and cinnamon (6.50 EUR)

It was a simple dessert that ended up looking so complex with the sugar construction above. Loved the theatrics and creamy dessert.

Tiramisu (6.50 EUR)

Tiramisu is hard to resist in Italy. I suppose the light mascarpone cheese made this easy to love.

Cum Quibos is definitely worth a visit, infact, it ranks tops for pasta enjoyed through the trip.

Turn a corner to explore the rest of this little town.

We stumbled upon a gorgeous shop selling olive wood cutlery and I was just this tempted to purchase the spoons and forks.

Spotted a harpist giving a recital - yet nobody was keen to give her seconds of their time.

A hauntingly beautiful flight of stairs that is usually crowded in summer but so empty in winter. Stores are closed for 4 months at a stretch till winter is over.

Fresh olives on trees, a sight I've never encountered before.

All embedded in trees like the one above.

Parts of San Gimignano that was pretty much like any other part of Europe.

Cum Quibos
Via S. Martino, 17, 53037 S. Gimignano

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