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Circuit Road Eats @ Blk 79/79A Circuit Road

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Circuit Road stands out amongst the rest for boasting the most number of vegetarian food stalls within a hawker center. The variations are plentiful and definitely a vegetarian's haven.

Yong Lai Fa Ji Shu Shi

Fish Soup ($5)

Ordinary tasting fish soup from a stall that had a queue too.  

The precious chilli with beans that they only issue one per order. Nothing special to warrant such hawking over.

Guan Xiang Western Food 源祥西餐

Chicken Chop ($5)

Manned by two elderly men, this stall has brisk business and I joined in though I was more than willing to give Vegetarian Western Food a try.Yet another that was average for a hawker's standard.

Xuan Miao Vegan

Dry Ban Mian ($4)

Vegetarian Ban Mian that warrants a minimum wait of 30 minutes and they work rather fastidiously with a pay and wait system. When your number on the screen lights up, it is feeding time!

Their ban mian is alot smoother than the ones found in food courts though the broth is vegetarian it does not lose out in being flavourful. The dash of vinegar and vegetarian anchovies makes this a unique noodle dish but definitely not a replacement of the real deal. 

Signature chilli the stall holder insisted I try.

I would not mind returning for vegetarian western food or laksa - lowered expectations of course!

Circuit Road Hawker
79/79A Circuit Road

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