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Celebrate Spring in Whimsey at TripleOne Somerset this Lunar New Year!

Special thanks to Shazana and Meiyan for the invite!

“Hear, hear, all ye good people, ‘Tis the season for inspired tingles! Of painted gallops and toothsome wishes, And springtime’s petals crimsoned with cheer!”

This Lunar New Year, let’s meet where the goodness begins. TripleOne Somerset. From 10 Jan to 14 Feb 2014, head down to TripleOne Somerset to celebrate Spring in Whimsey.

Back at Fukuichi (#02-11/12) for a showcase of their CNY yusheng and in house specials. The last visit was not too long ago.

Yu Sheng ($68)
Salmon Sashimi, Lettuce, Carrot, Radish, Cucumber, Mushroom, Pomelo, Black Seaweed, Green Seaweed, Pumpkin  Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Almond Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Yellow Pickles, Japanese Ginger, Bonito Shave, Homemade Plum Sauce

Yusheng to toss in the new year. Fukuichi's rendition has more Japanese elements from the seaweed to grated almonds to bonito flakes used in place of crackers.

Diners can select from a variety of sashimi to go with yusheng.

The mandatories being done.

The slew of auspicious words exchanged.

And the mayhem starts. The higher you toss, the better. Beats me why tossing food and talking into it is acceptable to a nation that places hygiene as top of the list - nonetheless, all in the name of fun.

Here's my well tossed portion of yusheng, loved the refreshing flavours and crunch of vegetables used.

Crab Meat Bean Curd with Century Egg Sauce ($6)

Pitan tofu!

Gets my vote for favouritest with the beancurd stuffed with artificial crabmeat and that thick blanket of pitan sauce.

Sashimi Moriawase

Thick slivers of raw fish and freshly grated wasabi, a kind of heaven on earth.

Tuna belly that is enough to bring a great smile - loved how it melted in my mouth!

Grilled King Prawn with Cod Roe Sauce ($15)

Mentaiko sauce on a grilled king prawn - I can never resist anything with mentaiko sauce.

Grilled Beef with Goose Liver Sauce ($35)

Two loves in one, I could do with an extra portion.

Seared White Tuna Roll ($22)

Yet another Fukuichi specialty that comprises of seared white tuna wrapped around rice and pickles.

Shoppers at TripleOne Somerset are in for a huge treat!

Melaleuca The Wellness Company (#02-03) is the place to stock up on supplements and health products.

One of their star products this year - a whitening anti oxident drink!

Have you booked your slot for CNY nails yet? If not pop by The Nail Spa and Wellness (#02-10) for a pampering session. There are no surcharges during this festive period.

Pick up a brochure today! Prices start from

Inside the cushy place.

Colour me pretty.

Drop by The Orientalist (#01-17/18/19) to view their exquisite Persian carpets if your home needs a luxurious touch. Carpets fly at a tune of thousands to hundreds of thousands!

We then joined celebrated pastry chef, Janice Wong, for a world of dainties evolved from the marriage of dessert and art! Embark upon a fascinating and palatable journey through her edible art installations graced with marshmallows and chocolates.

Gallop our way to prosperity and success in the Year of the Horse!

Spot these blueberry gummies.

Pinch I did freely as if it belonged to me. Don't we all wish for an edible piece of art when we were younger, just like the Chocolate Factory that Charlie had?

Chocolate with popping candy - loved the surprise embedded within.

I had a field day picking out the sweets and savouring them.

What I originally thought was lunch and a tour morphed into a food trail.Off to Muddy Murphy's (#01-02) for more! 

Bringing meaning to all day breakfast with Irish Farmhouse Breakfast

Beef and Guinness Pie filled with beef chunks and a gravy so rich, it is worth just having the gravy alone with bread.

Lamb Shank braised to a lovely tendency that made it easy to eat.

I left too full and definitely knowing more about TripleOne Somerset - well, to a feastful new year - Gong Xi Gong Xi!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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