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Caffe degli Artigiani @ Via dello Sprone, Florence

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Almost to the end of the free walking tour we had in Florence, the guide recommended this particular cafe to unwind.

The doors into an indie cafe, somewhat hidden from the rest of the well trodden path - which proved to be a full hour walk in winter from Hotel Rapallo. 

Cafe walls are all adorned with photos of their customers - nice!

We made our way up the second floor into the attic where it was a gem store of all things vintage including ild benches that creak with every slight movement. There were students and locals who patronized the store so causing quite a crowd at times.

Espresso (2 EUR)

Nothing fancy but good coffee.

Latte (3 EUR)

We wished there was stomach space for a slice of cake to go with this. The other tables' dessert looked really yummy!

One of those few times that I bothered to snap a picture of the receipt. 

This is one of those cafes I'd gladly make a return for to strike off the to do on my wishlist: sit in a cafe on a holiday to watch the world roll by.

I lost my phone in this cafe's attic and truly was a harrowing experience. Nobody ever expects to get any of their lost items especially in Italy where theft rate is particularly high. I was almost hopeless when I rummaged through the attic for it and nobody saw it but the guy over the counter paused for a moment and said there was a returned phone - PHEW!

Caffe degli Artigiani
Via dello Sprone

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