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Cafe Nannini @ Via Banchi di Sopra, Siena

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Manini, one of the largest confectioneries in Siena, was a must stop by place for us. The almond cookie christmas tree was such a show stopper!

Upclose of the snowy.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

The buzzing counter for the thirsty.

The 6,000 Euro bottle of wine that got us all really cautious around it.

Pretty behind the counter. 

Panforte Magheurita (2 EUR)

These are sold by weight so we indicated the smallest wedge that the knife can slice. This traditional Italian sweet is sticky like nougat but it tastes exactly like the multi nut mooncake filling.

Ricciarelli (0.80 EUR)

Ricciarelli is Siena's take on almond cookies were pretty much like suggee cookies - melted too fast into sweet nothingness. Both the chocolate and original flavoured cookies were delicious. Some history according to wiki, documents from 1205 show that panforte was paid to the monks and nuns of a local monastery as a tax or tithe which was due on the seventh of February that year. Literally, panforte means "strong bread" which refers to the spicy flavour.

For gifting!


It was a good stopover but  were not compelled to grab some as souvenirs. I am still on the fence about Italian sweets.

Cafe Nannini
Via Banchi di Sopra, 24, 53100 Siena

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