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White Chocolates

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I never quite knew I can put together a post on just white chocolate alone and here's what I have been busily chomping on. Friends who know me are aware how much of a white fan I am - condensed milk over cocoa for me anyday though increasingly so I have been hopping over to the dark side - which remains a separate tale of its own. tub

Spotted at Candylicious, these compact tubs are truly meant for chomping.

pomegranate and orange

These chocolate shards are every sweet tooth's dream come true. Chewy pomegranate-orange candy bits does balance the sweet white chocolate, gives it a nice twist.

g for godiva

White Chocolate with Peppermint

This was purchased back in Taiwan as part of the whole festive package. Loved the smooth white chocolate and pink peppermint filling within.

white chocolate truffle

Totally sold on Godiva.

white choc nibbles

These are sold at Famous Amos in Malaysia, purportedly under Beryl's.

white choc

Royce nails this simple white bar with much pizzazz - smooth and moderately sweet. Belittle the Japanese when it comes to replicating the amazing. Feel free to comment on other whities I have not featured here!

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