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WA Bar and Dining Lounge @ UE Square

Special thanks to the Woohoo team and Joey for her kind hospitality!


WA Bar is a tie up with DQ Vodka to bring forth a sensory dining experience. My first encounter with DQ Vodka was sometime at Savour 2013 and I had enough shots that night to remember DQ. The location of this bar is where Bonta used to be and they have extended it to include a bar on the outside, for diners who want a more chillax environment and a more intimate experience with the mixologist, Kumar, hailing from Grand Hyatt's Mezze Bar. Hooray for fans of Kumar, one of whom is me - I raved on about their fabulous martinis and crabcakes.


All ready for the WA experience. 


Cosy much, more for chilling than dining really. 


Snoop into their private room on the second floor - open for reservations with a minimum spending of $1000. 


Shelves of spirits. 


I spy a certain highly sought after whiskey. 


View from the private lounge. 

We could pair martinis as and when we liked and with one of our city's outstanding bartender at hand, we were in really good company that night.

thai salad

Octopus marinated with thai chilli, fennel and home made red peppers

A savoury start to the meal with oriental touches.


Freshly shucked canadian oysters

One slurp and then I wish there were more. A champagne based martini would have been more apt for this though.


Lobster bisque and lemon grass foam

Served in a martini glass, this warm number was a well bodied strong flavoured lobster soup.



This was a surprise item not mentioned on the menu - delicious well marinated beef chunks.


Duck Confit Ragout of Verts San Pepins, Yam Pearle and Cherry Tomatoes

duck confit

The skin was the crux and it was unfortunately soggy with overly salted meat to match.


Black Cod with Gingered Miso, Potato Pearle, Tomato Ragout and Kombu Salad

Worth the long wait with a well executed fish dish down to its firmness and flavour. Good things, are really worth the wait.

poached strawberries

Poached Strawberries and Chocolate Soil

This was on the soft side since the strawberries were sitting on the soil for quite awhile before being served. Nonetheless, poaching strawberries sure make them plump and not so sweet.



This used to be Hyatt Bar's signature and still closely similar to what I had.


Gin, watermelon liqueur, fresh watermelon juice, sugar syrup

Light, refreshing cocktail that only strikes much later.


DQ Vodka, elderflower, lemon juice, basil leaf, brown sugar

Seek this for a tangy cocktail with sour notes.



They have a range of creamy and pudding martinis too priced at $20 per glass.

Chocolate Pumpkin Pie
DQ vodka, baileys, kahlua, creme de cacao brown, nut meg powder, cayenne pepper powder, fresh milk

Tasting like christmas with this festive concoction!


White Hazelnuttini
DQ vodka, frangelico, vanilla liqueur, chocolate pralines

Great for those with a sweet tooth, this sweet one is a ladies drink.


DQ vodka, baileys, kahlua, creme de banana, espresso, mascarpone cheese

The name probably spoke more volumes than the drink itself. Not quite the liquid dessert I was looking for.


DQ vodka, advocaat, milk, caramel syrup, egg pudding

I expected this to taste like an alcoholic egg nog and sure enough, it was.


Martini glasses chilled to the optimal temperatures before served with the carefully shaken drink.


A showdown between Kumar and a patron showed that - the mere shaking of the shaker requires more mojo than you think.


Drink up, drops of jupiter.


Kumar's generosity made me nearly tipsy.


Shooter after shooter.

Overall a different kind of dining experience with more focus on drinks. 

The following promotion applies from 14 November to 14 December 2013:

Free 5 course dinner with 2 martinis purchase OR 1 bottle MOËT Champagne purchase

WA Bar and Dining Lounge

UE Square

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