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Tavola Calda @ via Degli Scipioni

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Eating near tourist attractions is hardly advisable for a start because that falls under the category of "tourist traps". Tried as we did to avoid these traps but since most eateries close after 3pm to prepare for dinner, we did not have much choice at 2ish pm.

Located two junctions from Vatican City, this had to be a safer option than any of those located right smack opposite at least.

Tavola Calda located at via Degli Scipioni, it was!

I was excited by the rows of paninis and salad, most of the other offerings were depleted by now.

The first of the many gelato encounters but the weather was too chilly to attempt.

Salad (6.5 EUR)

A reasonably large bowl of greens, reds and yellows with italian dressing.

Spaghetti with Meatballs and Tomato Sauce (9 EUR)

Pizza (8.5 EUR)

Both pizzas were large enough to validate their prices in Rome. According to a local, a gauge of how "localised" pizzas are priced - magheurita pizzas should not cost more than 6 EUR in Rome and 3 in Naples so then anything else is considered premium.

Neither were however that memorable but all of salty. The server refused to remove the cheese from the pizza at point of ordering which made us all the more quizzical.

Meatball Pasta (9 EUR)

Portions once again too generous for Singapore's standards - it would be worthy of two portions. Noodles overcooked and tomato paste somewhat sour. The first taste of pasta and I was not too eager on this.

Beef (11.50 EUR)

On the overcooked side but the cheese and rocket leaves made this acceptable.

The first meal in Rome and I was barely impressed - hopefully no more tourist traps from now on!

The cute delivery vehicle that I spotted on the streets - so cute!

Tavola Calda
via Degli Scipioni

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