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Swiss Air: SIN- ZUR - ROM

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The time of the year came for the year end Winter holidays with the family and I was surprised that Europe was a destination we all wanted to go even after the last visit 3 years back. A different part, I reasoned - Italy, a country that we shyed away from because of the high rates of theft and pickpocketing and of course there was Switzerland which is the place to retire in everyone's eyes. I suppose the entire travelogue will take weeks and hopefully not months to complete since we ate too much and shopped till my piggy bank wept but hey - it's Europe and a shopper's paradise, for crying out loud.

We purchased tickets under Lufthansa to realised the routes were managed by Swiss Air - a first for all of us.

Earphones were placed at every seat - not that I utilised it much except to watch a penguin documentary. 

The flight let on time and took off with me drifting into sleep - hooray! I usually have difficulty sleeping on long haul flights and last through my first day in a foreign land in zombie mode...I woke up in time for my warm napkin before supper was served.

The first taste of Swiss Air's airline food!

Beef with Potatoes comprised of a delicious hot casserole of beef chunks and mash potatoes. It was a pleasant and warm start to my airline food adventure. So good, I went to bed belly happy.

Green for the other alternative.

Chinese Noodles were as bland as can be that even the no-fuss eater had nothing else to say about it.

The salad came with a lovely french dressing - sour enough to kickstart the tastebuds at such an hour for supper!

Blueberry oreo cheesecake for dessert!

A surprisingly delicious velvety number - must be the altitude. 

Red wine in a bid to knock myself out - horribly acidic one though. 

If all else fails, there's evian to the rescue and limited to one per passenger. 

Breakfast was served several hours later and there was no choice this time - sausages, omelette and potatoes with yogurt. Bread was unbearably cold. I find eating an all american breakfast mid-air regardless which airline tastes the same and is usually rubbery and either too bland or too salty.

Swiss chocolates to end the flight! Milky, smooth and well - it's swiss afterall. 

Service was adequate, seats were wider than the Asian carriers and inflight entertainment a huge letdown but we arrived on time only to be told of a delay in the domestic flight. What a bummer when I had a Vatican City tour planned just hours after I touched down.

They tried to appease the frustration stemming from the delay with more chocolates - well, who can resist good chocolate?

Conettos were dished out in napkins as a morning snack.

A bread version of a croissant, but still crispy and chewy.

Paired with a cuppa for the day - nice start!

The redeeming view that made the delayed flight worthwhile. With our bellies filled and some sleep caught, we were all ready to take on romantic Rome!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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