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Pizzeria L'Operetta @ Icon Village

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If David was any indication how arty farty this pizzeria is, there is really no correlation.


The usual table condiments.

onion rings

Calamari Fritti ($12)

Fried to crisp, these were perfect with beer.


Pollo Fritti ($12)

Wings with such a delectable batter, we had two baskets of these. Does not help that it came with fries, which made it even more addictive.


Capricciosa ($28)

Nothing to scream about though the bread base was decently chewy.

egg pizza

more pizza

Poke the bulging belly of the poached egg and you get - cry me a yellow river on the pizza. Somehow this ended up soggy from the egg juices.

so many pizzas

Pros E Rucola ($30)

They ran out of rockets and replaced it with a bunch of greens which was already laughable by itself. Unforgettable much of the flavour and truly, I barely had a favourite amongst the three attempted..

panna cotta 

Panna Cotta ($6)

Too curd like and stiff for a panna cotta approval.

Very average joint, unlikely to return.

Pizzeria L'Operetta
Icon Village

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