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Pizzeria Brandi @ Salita Sant'Anna di Palazzo, Naples

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Naples is where Pizza originated from and call it poor planning or I did not get a good driver from, but that was really all I did in Naples. Visit a castle, ate a pizza and gelato before we were whisked back to Rome.

Josh from the food tour gave us suggestions where to eat - Thank God for him! There were two pizza places to pay attention to - the first pizza place, Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba and Brandi's - the one with the letter from Queen Magheurita. 

I wish I had the time to try both but that warrants another visit to Naples I guess? 

So then, just make it to the street and watch out for signages that point to this immensely popular pizzeria. It is so popular that they get two storeys of a shophouse and another opposite just to cater to the booming crowds. We waited for almost 45 minutes for a table even at 2pm. Graced by celebrities all over, I could not wait to see if it matches to all the hype!


The letter dated 1889 is framed and proudly displayed at the entrance addressed to Brandi, the nickname of Mr Raffaele Esposito  

All hail Queen Magherita.  

Fried Seafood Platter

Seafood coated in a batter so light and addictive, it all tasted so good.  

Margherita (7.50 EUR)
Tomato, fiodilatte, basil

The story behind this world famous pizza goes, Raffaele Esposito prepared for the Royals three qualities of pizza: the first, "white", with olive oil, cheese and basil; the second with cecenielle (kind of newly born sardines); and finally, a pizza with mozzarella and tomato.

The Queen Margherita appreciated especially this last kind of pizza and that's the way the most famous pizza, the Pizza Margherita, was born in June 1889.

Coloured the flag of Italy, it is no wonder the Queen loved it. So did we not only because it looked good but the taste was unforgettable. Ingredients were so simple and the bread was one that stole thunder, storms and planets from the pizzas that I have been eating all my life. 

Life changing? Surely. Bread base was thick, chewy and none of the soggyness got to the bread. Almost like Mozza, but only better. I have to hand it to the Italians to get this so right - when pizza was meant for peasants in the olden days. 

Al Proscuitto Crudo (12 EUR)
Pomedero, fiodilatte, cheese, parma ham 

I suppose this is as universal as hawaiian pizza in Asia, the basic ingredients of parma ham and cheese never ever goes wrong and is timeless. Nothing to fault in another of their amazing pizzas. 

Don Ferdinand (12.50 EUR)
Tomato, garlic, oregano, seafood, squid, octopus, seafood

Dedicated to King Ferdinando II of Bourbon, this was one of their list of speciality pizzas. Perhaps this King loved seafood too but whatever the reasons, we were floored to find clams in their shells tossed into the pizza. The flavour was so spot on - incredibly fresh seafood on pizza. The overkill of cheese, overcooked prawns and squid in a pizza is what I've been eating all this while and until Don Ferdinand, everything has been but a joke.

They even have an emblem on their plates!

Pizza will never be looked upon the same way ever again, though I'm not sure where and when I'll taste the same but Pizzeria Brandi is the place to go in Rome for in my opinion the best pizza. Believe or not, I did not need a sprinkle of parmesan cheese or chilli flakes on them. 

On my way out, I stole a peek at their open concept kitchen and the traditional ovens - the skill of the maestros are unrivalled, the tradition of pizza making and eating kept so fiercely and truly, Naples is the place where pizza was created and they do it best.

Salita Sant'Anna di Palazzo, 1-2, 80132 Naples

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