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Pepenero @ Stanley Street

I paid a visit to Pepenero, a not so new kid on the Italian block. Located at Stanley Street, it can be easily mistaken for another restaurant in a shophouse.We were possibly the first customers for the night - so much so the manager had time to whip up a mojito for us - it was only later that we realised it was not on the house. 12 buckeroos to entertain ourselves with an average grassy mojito.

Pink enough for the ladies. 

The bread basket was suffice to keep us distracted for a while though the notable mentions go to the dips.

Green Pea Soup with Sea Urchin and Pan Seared Scallop ($19)

It had to be the sea urchin and scallop that got me excited but what arrived was a watery pea soup with hints of urchin and a decent scallop.

Deep Fried Seafood “Frittura” Amalfi Style with Jumbo Prawn Calamari, Soft Shell Crab and Tartar ($29)

This was more enthralling though with a generous platter of fried foods - loved the prawn and soft shell crab best. 

Linguine with Lobster Sauteed with Brandy in Light San Marzano Tomato Sauce ($36)

With the lobster so beautifully plated, I was deluded into thinking that there was more to the lobster than the chunk we found in the pasta. A light tasting pasta powered with tomatoes for some zest, the seafood could do with less fishyness though. 

Pan Seared Cod Fish with Cream of Asparagus and Vegetable Compote ($39)

A well executed fish dish, infact was better than the pasta.

Ginger Crème Bruleé ($12)

Ginger was mild in this creme brulee - the torched sugar layer and cream were quite separate. I disliked the creme tasting like pudding without gelatin.

Hot Chocolate Lava Cake Served with Vanilla Gelato Fresh Fruits ($16)

The better of the two with the right kicks of molten chocolate in the cake but the gelato was icy.

An average yet cosy italian joint.,

14 Stanley Street

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  1. Good sharing, PepeNero is a pleasant place for a quiet dinner or lunch for 2. Good food and service. One of the few Italian restaurants with my favorite beef tripe (tripo) on the menu. See my blog about PepeNero at: