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La Casa Del Cafe @ Via degli Orfani, Rome

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This is listed as a must try within the vicinity of the Pantheon, one of my favourite attractions in Rome. Online reviewers have suggested drinking at the counter rather than finding a seat since that would warrant different charges. In Italy, there is a law that regulates the price of takeaway coffee and cafe owners jack up prices for service rendered if consumed sitting down.

Prices on the board.

What happens behind the counter.

The makings of a traditional coffee place. 

Bags of coffee for purchase.

Huddle around the counter for a sip or find a seat somewhere. Most places would charge a fee for sitting down.

Espresso (0.90 EUR)

Squawking bitter 23 drops of caffeine that was the best jolt awake. Then again, it was pretty good and cheap coffee.

Latte (0.90 EUR)

Reasonably decent for a latte this price though art is definitely not their forte. 

Hot chocolate decorated with a squirt of cream was in essence, milo.

Not so worth the hype methinks.

La Casa Del Cafe
Via degli Orfani

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