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Gina's Vadai Revisited @ East Coast Road

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I have a family friend who purchases these indian snacks by the bags - enough to wipe out Gina's stocks for the day at least and then they finally stopped.

Too pricey for one and subpar service to match.
While I doubt they bother with a loss of such a loyal and substantial client, I have to admit these doughy savoury treats paired with a chomp of green chilli is quite a perfect match for tea time.
Plumped with shrimps and a nab of flour, one cannot quite fathom how this could trump hum chee peng by leaps and bounds.

For a price worthy for at least double the current portion, I shall fall in the same category of an ex-customer.

If memory serves me well, the last transacted price was $1 each.

Gina's Vadai
237 East Coast Road

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