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Della Palma @ Via della Maddalena, Rome

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150 flavours available daily at Della Palma was our main draw for a gelato fix in winter. At night no less. As incredulous as that sounds, I was lost in the face of so many flavours. We were however restricted to trying just 3 flavours each and I suppose this was to prevent customers from trying all flavours.

Located near the Pantheon, this is not the only shop selling gelato though.

Mind boggling is an understatement.

3 Scoops (4.5 EUR)
Pistachio, Hazelnut and Green Apple

Light, milky and just like icecream though there was an undeniable sweetness at the end of it. Loved the green apple best!

2 Scoops (2.50 EUR)

Mango was the only flavour I remember from this cup - refreshing and very tropical. 

A decent gelato joint with fruity flavours that shine but I would strongly advise against eating it at nightin winter.

Della Palma
Via della Maddalena 19/23

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