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Da Paolo Gastronomia Continues

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I seem to have gotten the Da Paolo Gastronomia craze back again, it is like a comfort zone that I leech onto every now and then when attempting new kids on the block get me jaded...they dish up average tasting picnic items but really awesome dessert. Here's a consolidated post on the other stuff filling my plate.


As much as it is an Italian place, their pastas are nothing worth yelling about. Average and home cooked, this was soggy and had to be reheated more than once.

potato pie

Cottage Pie ($8)

I have no issues with their pies, mashed potato with beef sauce from the pasta proper. Spells comfort food and no surprises expected.

blueberry meringue whole

Blueberry Meringue Tart ($8.50)

Looked like a painted art piece with the uneven texture of meringue and unpretty blue swirls from the blueberries.

blue berry meringue

Digging my fork into it proved that the meringue was infact soft and studded with blueberries. Joy! The sourish juicy blueish bulbs went really well with the sweet meringue with a marshmellow foamy texture. Loved the sponge tart at the bottom – delicious! I thought the tart base was pretty good with a lovely crunch and buttery fragrance. Once again, loving their desserts over mains.

banana tart

Toffee Banana Crostata ($8)

I had it once and loved it too much not to have it again. Still as mindblowingly good. Molten center in a tart of complexity - whipped cream, toffee, bananas, chocolate and a tart base.


Watching the toffee spill out like a freshly cut poached egg is therapy in its highest form. Fair enough it was all sweet but not cloyingly so and well, it pleased more than just the sweet tooths which speaks volumes.


White Chocolate Scone ($4)

I have a soft spot for their scones, to begin with, the love affair with Da Paolo Gastronomia started with this infamously huge scone. Embedded with cornflakes, this could have dwindled in size through the years but still remains buttery and well balanced in sweetness. Tea, can never quite be the same without this ginormous scone.

Verdict still is sweet still trumps savoury. 

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