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Celebrate Christmas with Lupicia Teas!

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Special thanks to Lupicia Singapore for the gift!

Newly opened LUPICIA at Great World City is a Japanese tea brand with a range available in Singapore, of over 100 carefully crafted and beautifully packaged teas for everyday drinking and gift giving. Founded in Japan in 1994, LUPICIA now has over 100 stores in Japan, as well as overseas stores in the U.S., Taiwan and Australia.

They sent me their seasonal special in a collector's tin try! Themed “From Japan to the World” and available only from (today till December 25), the collection focuses on delicious tea blends and charming designs that would delight die-hard tea fans and new tea drinkers alike.

An equally festive wrapper to match. 

I tore open the wrapper - into their tea world.

Too cute to open.

Prettifully packaged.

Comes with tea leaves and honey to flavour.

Spot the red in the black tea leaves. 

Cache-Cache ($17/50g Limited Edition Tin; $15/10 Tea Bag Limited Edition Box)

Meaning “Hide and Seek” in French. This black tea is a treasure trove of hidden fruit flavours topped with pink peppercorns, orange flowers and green sugar confetti. Its design centers around the yuki usagi, the Japanese equivalent of snowmen. Traditionally, the eyes and ears of these adorable snow rabbits are made from the berries and leaves of the nanten plant, whose name means “Turning misfortune into blessing”.

Immensely fragrant and light tasting, perfect for tea time. If I may suggest, these go great with Crabtree and Evelyn cookies - ginger cookies, specifically.

#B1-12 Great World City 1 Kim Seng Promenade 

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