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8Tarts N Pastries @ Vivocity

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Eggtarts are my kind of comfort food - not always and it goes through phases, I remember stocking up on Tong Heng to feed the cravings. 8Tarts, a local bakery specialising in the hongkong treat has been around since early 2000 and only now then that I checked them out.


Heavy weights for tea time!


Smell them upon opening the box.


A different crust spotted!


An old school coconut tart with cherry on top.


I spy something modern at least!

Chempedek tart proved to the hotseller the day I went since it was sold out and I did not have the patience to wait for the next batch. 

I attempted the following flavours

Chef's Egg 
Fresh Soya Egg Tart
Dark Cocolate Egg Tart
Portuguese Egg Tart
Durian Egg Tart
Coconut Egg Tart

I would not consider them exceptional egg tarts, somewhat too thick on the batter though experimental with flavours. The ones that stood out were definitely durian and coconut egg tart. I could be biased about the tart base since I prefer mine less crumbly.

Prices start from $1.40.

8Tarts N Pastries
B1, Vivocity

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