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2013 in Review: Top 13

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2013 marks the year of many gastronomical journeys - well it never quite stops unless one day I stop being interested in my food altogether. I've eaten more than I ever had before, travelled more (I hope) and experimented alot more.

I've hopped on the bandwagon on instagram so follow me @thefoodchapter for a live feed on my greedy adventures.

Roll of honour to the following parties who have made this journey so enjoyable...

Every year, I thank my food companions for giving me 'face' to snap all I want before they can even commence eating - tough work indeed. J's insatiable appetite and my dear sis' tenacity for dessert and amazing spoon holding skills have made photography and dining such a breeze.

This year, I thank the kind folks who have invited me for tastings - though I still standby the fact that tastings have to be taken with a pinch of salt. Try as I may for returns to match the tasting experience to an actual one, there are simply too many on my list of to try to include returns! Self funded meals are of course, the truest of all accounts.

Brunches are my main weekend staples and while old favourites remain, I've found new loves too!

I got more interested in photography this year and purchased a new lens - I'm not even sure my readers know the difference but it has been a joyride with it to date.

Thank you for reading to date, if you've been with me since day one thank you so much...I may not know you but for those who have courageously dropped me an email or two - I do appreciate it!

In no order of importance,

1. Common Man Coffee Roasters 
The up and coming IT place for brunch with our city's best rendition of Eggs Benedict.

2. Da Paolo Gastronomia
Crodos are the new donuts though Krispy Kreme may have finally reached our shores...I'm placing my buck on crodos for the revolution. 

3. 28HKS
Best bar food, best drinks...I've found my best bar this year. 

4. Symmetry Cafe
No brainer for this place making the list since I have been there so often I have nearly finished trying their entire menu #nojoke.
Eat, still eating!

5. Mikuni
My favourite Japanese restaurant in town! Another of those that I have returned so many times and it never fails to surprise. 

Ala carte experiences: 1/2

6. Nam Nam
I used to do weekly visits of this local vietnamese joint under Les Amis. Favourite outlet: Raffles City, favourite order: Meatball Bahn Mi, Beef Pho with extra beef

7. Teppei
It was spectacular when I first tried it and with the 4 month wait, I just have to include it in this list!

Second time not so lucky

8. Hai Di Lao Hot Pot
Redefines hotpot culture completely!

9. The Black Swan
Unforgettable place with incredible happy hour promotions - the oysters and bubbly!

10. Windowsill Pies
While standard seemed to have dipped a weebit, I hope they regain their previous glory - impeccably made pies!

11. Raffles Courtyard
Undisputed unassuming place for awesome pizza and pasta!

12. Artichoke
One of those places that I did a return after a tasting and viola, the place rocked.

13. Basilico
I am sure the post engagement euphoria was not the reason why this place is so awesome but the variety and quality dished up made it a must try buffet place this year!

14. Clipper Lounge, Hongkong
High tea in Hongkong is always fabulous and this took me an advanced reservation for an afternoon of revelry.

I forgot how many times I have written a foodtake of the year, and if you are interested the past foodprints.


2014 looks set for lots of new chapters but rest assured, the chomping never stops! A feastful year ahead to all!!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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