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Wedding Dinner @ Intercontinental Singapore

I've always thought of Intercontinental as one with nice architecture in the city, next to Goodwood Park and of course, Raffles Hotel and Fullerton. Location, has to be the best too amongst the list with direct access from the station.

I arrived early enough to watch the live stations being set up - dessert table and a peking duck corner too. There was an article I read on Elite Daily that point to weddings these days being more of a pretence - everyone seems to be upping their stakes on a memorable wedding next to a hotel and gorgeous gown.


Nibbles and more nibbles.


Sweet love. 

sweet love

Pretty as can be!


Hanging out to chill before the crowds started.


I digressed to then I got all excited about the dessert table - the options were endless; cupcakes, chocolate lollies, cookies, macarons, marshmellows, profiteroles and fruit cones. It was a pity then that most of these treats were soggy from being laid out too early (to think I was there early enough) so the saving grace became the peking duck wraps made before hand.

duck crepe

Utterly delish. 


Peranakan cups and trinklet cases were the favours this time round!

lobster salad

Intercontinental Signature
Lobster Salad with Diced Fruits, Caviar Mayonnaise


Instead of the usual cold dish platter, we had a gorgeous crustacean laid infront and by the time it was plated, I thankfully received a sliver of lobster and a mountain of fruits. 


Shark's Fin Soup with Fresh Crabmeat

sharks fin

A starchy one filled with fins and crabmeat.


Sauteed Scallop with X.O. Sauce and Vegetable in Crispy Yam Ring


This fluffy huge yam ring was the draw filled with enough ingredients - loved the spice of the X.O. sauce and bouncy scallops.

8 heads

Combination of Eight Head Baby Abalone and Flower Mushroom with Spinach


A must have at most weddings now, and my yardstick of a good vegetable dish - none of the acidic aftertaste and abalones. This hit both and well, if you guessed right abalones were the main stars.


Fresh Red Grouper in Nyonya Sauce

I thought the Nyonya Sauce was hardly complementary with the grouper, I did not fancy the texture of the fish on the other hand.


Looking like a porky delight!

pork ribs

Stewed Four Hours Delicate Prime Ribs with Spices served with Zheng Jiang Vinaigrette and Mini Buns

Prime rib lathered with char siew sauce and served with a crispy fried mantou. Kudos for a well executed dish but the sauce was an overkill.


Braised 'Ee Fu' Noodles with Fresh Crabmeat, Straw Mushroom and Yellow Chives

This version of eefu noodles pretty much resemble the noodle equivalent of muifan, doused in starchy gravy. Somehow, I was not a fan.


Jello of Forest Berries on Vanilla Rum Sauce


Meant for the diners above 18, the jelly encased forest berries and was drizzled in rum sauce. Nothing to shout about though a refreshing change from mango sago or yam paste.

I could have expected more from Intercontinental since it is a highly sought after hotel. Service was top notch - if you get the right servers. Few weddings actually have full time staff on standby and the experienced ones really wowed us with their speech and efficacy as compared to the temporary ones.

Congrats J and L once again!

Intercontinental Singapore

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  1. This looks like a rather expensive dinner. The starters looked very nice !