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Mid-Autumn 2013: Swensens

Special thanks to Aly and Swensens!


Think icecream mooncakes and amongst the few names tossed up would be Swensens. They have introduced irresistible new additions like the bold Chempadak Bliss, addictive Cappucino Cookies Crunch and nutty Hazelnut Almond Delight as well as renowned, popular favourites like the Sticky Chewy Chocolate and Durian Royale in the mix. 


They come in a selection of pretty pastel hues and all were too pretty to resist! It is a pity the box is too big for four but it would double up as a perfect storage box. 


Chempadak Bliss (NEW)

Coloured a shade of orange, this smelt of chempadak even before making the first cut. I loved the bits of chempadak embedded within - one fruity delight!


Spot the fruity bits!


Hazelnut Almond Delight (NEW)

Despite having two types of nuts in one flavour, this had a stronger almond taste. 


Meltingly delicious.


Durian Royale

Every Singaporean's dream in a mooncake - potency you have been warned.


Sticky Chewy Chocolate

Yes I am a fan of their simple chocolate icecream. Somehow the snowskin did not taste too bad here.

My grouse last year and this year's is still the snowskin which is too thick and comes across as pasty without the desired mochi consistency. Nonetheless, the icecreams are still delicious!

Jewels of the Moon Mooncake Collection is priced at $29.80 for a box of 4 (with a choice of flavours) or $8.60 per piece and available in all Swensen’s and Earle Swensen’s outlets, from 1 August to 19 September this year! 

ANZ, Citibank, DBS/POSB, HSBC, OCBC and UOB cardholders can enjoy an early bird special of 15% discount before 5 September 2013 and a 10% discount thereafter till 19th September 2013.
Swensen's Cool Rewards and Kids' Club members can enjoy 20% early bird special and 15% discount thereafter. 

Available at all Swensen's and Earle Swensens outlets

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