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Verona Spa @ Ubud, Bali

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verona spa

I booked Verona Spa prior to our visit to secure the two couple rooms they have. Located along Monkey Forest Road, do not miss out on the sign by the road!


Greeting us at the entrance is a stone signboard of the spa.


The lush walk way.


The spa doubles up as a salon as well, for those who want a quick wash and blowdry or even head massage thrown in. Sparsely furnished and they seem adequately equipped.

nail polishes

The last manicure experience was too disastrous for me to attempt another. They are not that updated with these pampering services - we have all upgraded to gel but they are still hovering at the OPI polishes, in this case, only Revlon.


The inviting view from our open concept couple room. Yes, it is so open people opposite can see whatever is going on in the room.


The tub for our bath later!


For whatever reason, the flower bath was somewhat romantic but half the time I was thinking if I would itch from the flowers.

Javanese Lulur (90 mins, IDR 150,000)

First scrubbed with lulur (tumeric, sandalwood and rice powder) followed by exfoiliation with yogurt and a flower bath soak. The companion felt like a chicken being marinated as the lulur powder fell off in cakes.

Honey Bath (90 mins, IDR 175,000)

The honey and lime massage was strange, sticky and sweet at the same time. I was worried I would attract bees with the amount of honey being lathered onto me. Being wrapped in a plastic sheet subsequently made me feel like a yummy mummy.


Always fruits and ginger tea after a relaxing massage!

The surroundings for this is hardly as modern as featured in the website, with ageing signs clearly showing and the massage was calming but I have had better elsewhere in Bali. It is a decent place for a cheap massage but that is really all about it.

Verona Spa
Jalan Monkey Forest Road
Ubud, Bali

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  1. I can see the people opposite the field. I can't imagine them not seeing from the other side. keke

  2. @SG Food on Foot: hahahaha *denial!*