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Symmetry Cafe @ Jalan Kubor

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symmetry cafe

Symmetry Cafe joins the list of brunch places and truly, it is more convenient to bus there than attempt driving. I was sold on their grapes served as appetizer more than anything else but I suppose these are only available at dinner so that means another visit!

Be greeted by two rag dolls at the entrance, feels like entering Helena Bonham Carter's house.


Only available on weekends!


Crowds are a sign of awesomeness, walking in and being shown the furthest table is a sign of magnificence. And I wish it were much bigger.


Corners of mismatch but fall together so well. 


Brunch advice. 


A certain quirkiness that runs throughout the cafe, I suppose looking at the world upside down makes it seem a lot less serious, depressing and tragic.


I spy a sesame-street inspired loo sign. 


Nikka whiskey bottle for a vase, love the idea!


Loving the pretty contrast!

iced coffee

Iced coffee to kickstart the day.


Cappucino ($5)

Creamy and delightful, says the caffeine addict with a smile. Served with homemade ginger snap cookie to the likes of gingerbread boy, this doubles up as a christmas must have!

spinach salad

Baby Spinach Salad 

Pleasantly surprised with this - loved the idea of homemade croutons, the dressing too made the difference between a good salad and not. Definitely one of those that left me scraping the plate for more.  Since when did salads taste so good in cafes?

prawn poppers

Prawn Popcorn 

I'd say I am averse to greasy fried food. With fries and this in the toss up and the former strongly reccomended, expectations were high. Breaded and deep fried, these remind me of sotong balls only that they were made of prawn paste. Lovely treat and the roumolade was a gratifying dip for everything else in the meal.


Truffle Fries ($14)

Portions of these do not lose to P.S. Cafe's mountain of truffle, but these are in the running for favourite with the heavily perfumed truffle fries. I love the parmesan cheese shavings that make this already more decadent. Texture is nowhere near crispy shoestring fries but hovers on the mushy end but two thumbs up for still tasting good at dinner time, nothing that grilling takeaways in the oven cannot do.

doggy pack

Their cute doggypack bags. 

tomato eggs

Symmetry Eggs Sur Le Plat

Wild Honey classifies this as 'mexican', and symmetry gives it a french name. Whatever its origins, this is a mighty tangy and 

eggs benny

Eggs Benedict


The moment of truth and the only yardstick I have for a good poached egg.



For the companion to trade his usual order of big-mighty-huge breakfast for this, it has to be quite something. Made of potato flour, the flan is an amazing pastry. Tasting like a combination of potato and cheese, the creamy carbonara-looking sauce was a complete culinary adventure. Prod the egg and get an overflow of molten egg yolk which accompanies rockets, pork cheeks and the sauce so well. We certainly saved the best for the last with the flan eaten on its own, potato in a pastry - nothing to hate and plenty to love.

scrambled eggs

Truffle Scrambled Eggs

Possibly an overload of truffle with this serving of scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, toast and strawberry butter. The strawberry butter was quite ingenious, I even mistook it for pate!

crispy duck egg

Crispy Duck Egg

Duck Egg got me sold, yet it tasted no different from a chicken egg though novelty indeed met its purpose.


I loved the barley that could pass off as a cous cous alternative, loved the bite and most importantly flavour of the dish.

crazy nom


I love waffles, sweet. While I was tempted to order waffles with the full breakfast works, sweet still triumphed savoury. A stack of these with a scoop of icecream already spells heaven and then double up with nutella and peanut butter. There is seriously no better way to celebrate a weekend with waffles like these. Fluffy and crispy all at once, even with a waitress musing "you guys can really eat", I can only reply in satisfaction..."Only at symmetry."


How to resist dessert like these?

red velvet

Red Velvet 

Two layers of red velvet and thickened frosting, I was hardly satisfied at first glance. What started off mild ended up being a really delightful take on red velvet.


May I add how in love I am with their cute forks? 

Symmetry is up my alley. Prices are indeed steep for a cosy little place like this but its the vibes, the occasional nice server (heavily dependent on luck) and of course, a really awesome cook which they already have. Pride and lots of love, rock on Symmetry Cafe! I'm loving the whole concept, mismatchedness of furniture and definitely the food.

Symmetry Cafe
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