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Prada Priority Lounge @ Ngurah Rai International Airport

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For the second time in a row, I failed to register that the food outside the departure gates are way better than those in the departure halls. I hope I do not repeat the same mistake of arriving just two hours prior to departure if I even want proper food.

Prada Priority Lounge it had to be since the only other Japanese restaurant did not look that enticing.


Caesar Salad (IDR 50,000)

Any noob cook could pull this off really, shoddily tossed together but at least the eggs were sliced neatly and nothing can quite go wrong with caesar dressing.


Soto Ayam (IDR 50,000)

Beehoon swimming in chicken broth. Portions were as above kind of puny.


Ayam Goreng (IDR 65,000)

Fried chicken in soy sauce and further doused in a greasy sauce.

mee goreng

Mee Goreng (IDR 65,000)

It has to be the mee or the way they fry it that makes this hardly oily and universally delicious. The most acceptable of the lot.


Nasi Campur (IDR 65,000)

Indonesian cai png, loved the crackers and that was it. 

nasi goreng

Nasi Goreng (IDR 60,000)

The dish that took eternity to arrive and when it did, I only remember stuffing my face so full that it was gone in a blur. Achar was good.

Head there if you really have no choice or need a desperate quick bite.

Prada Priority Lounge
Ngurah Rai International Airport

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