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Negari Luwak Coffee Plantation

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coffee plantation

Luwak coffee plantations are a dime too many in Bali and we heeded to another just for the kick of it. I thought it was yet another tourist trap with the numerous tourist photos placed on the banner.


The poor fella was craddled like a doll, pinched like stuffed toy and fiddled with like a rag. I wish I could adopt it though!


Apart from coffee beans, the plantation also harvested plants like vanilla beans, cocoa...amongst others and we were just about to find out why.

civet cat

The revered civet cat whose poop is as prized as a pair of Louboutins. Ok, I was kidding. In the animal kingdom at least, its poop ranks as premium.


We were given complimentary tastings of their teas and coffees. If anything stuck, it was lemon tea for its refreshing aftertaste and it weirdly resembled citron tea.


So then comes the grand dame - luwak coffee powder.


Its complicated distiller.


Spot the huge heapful of luwak coffee that IDR 50,000 got us.


Meanwhile, they were prompt to whisk out their range of flavoured coffees - cocoa, peanut, vanilla and some others.

luwak coffee

After a good long wait of 15 minutes at least, luwak coffee was served. Rich, aromatic and absolutely divine - definitely a huge contrast to the unfiltered balinese coffee. In a crude sense, sewage water to distilled water difference.

palm sugar

Palm sugar to flavour, anyone?

roselle tea

Rosella tea that I fell in love with.

goreng pisang

And goreng pisang as snacks to accompany our drinks. All on the house, just so you would purchase!


Reality strikes in the souvenir shop.

coffee beans

To reciprocate the generosity, we spent close to IDR 800,000 just on coffees and teas.

A worthy visit and it was an eye opening experience this time round!

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