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Mid-Autumn 2013: Delifrance

Special thanks to Dixie and Delifrance!


Mid-Autumn is back! For foodies and mooncake lovers in particular, it is a season to rejoice. Flavours seem bolder and definitely more players around this year. Delifrance joins the bandwagon with six new flavours for their halal certified mooncakes:

White Lotus with QQ Milky Green Bean
Walnut Tiramisu
White Chocolate with Cranberry Paste
Pure Lotus with Melon Seed
Mango Lotus Paste with Diced Mango
Pandan Lotus with Custard


Four from their list!


Golden brown!

walnut tiramisu

Most fragrant: Walnut Tiramisu

The intense aroma of coffee and walnut makes this most fragrant of the lot. Milldly flavoured with tiramisu, the mooncake is stuffed with walnuts, an innovative take!


Most Child Friendly: White Chocolate with Cranberry Paste

With cranberry paste moulded as the "yolk", this sweet number is easy to like!

green bean

Most Taiwanese: White Lotus with QQ Milky Green Bean

I can imagine milktea with QQ bubbles being an inspiration for this but this was memorable for the green bean "yolk" which was complementary with the lotus paste.

white lotus paste

Most Crowd Pleasing: Pure Lotus with Melon Seed

For the unadventurous, there is always the pure lotus paste that would suit.

As a continuation of their European promotion (think inspired sandwiches along the lines of L'Paris and the likes of it) that they have been running for quite some time now, the design is incorporated into the mooncake box. A different take on what would otherwise be asian influenced.

$10.80/1 pc, $42.80 for a box of 4.


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