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L.O.L. Bar @ Ubud, Bali

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Laughing Buddha Bar was full hence we made do with L.O.L. Bar just a short walk away. Drinks are cheap in bali. Period. Instead of chilling at a restaurant, we headed to a bar that sold drinks at the same price - on hindsight, I should have just stuck with drinks at the restaurant.

LOL bar

Almost packed with tourists


Loving the colours of the table candy.


Feeling garang and somewhat emotional about the last night in Bali, I wanted to end it off on a high note.

flaming bikini

Flaming Bikini (IDR 90,000)

Instead of the famed Flaming Lamborghini, they have a bikini equivalent! The last time I partook of this lethal one, three in fact, I was paying tribute to the Merlion outside the nightspot. So I thought one would be fine and dandy - and so, I really thought.

When it arrived in a martini glass, I thought - big deal! I then realised martini glasses do vary in sizes and this was a huge one.

No turning back when the bartender poured the finishing touches down the tower and set it aflame.

Handed a thin straw, it was all a rancid mess. Tasting like petroleum, I gulped it down in two and a half mouthfuls before the flame bid me a sweet goodbye.

A whirlwind of emotions thereafter, I even had the guts to boogie on the dancefloor.


A friendlier Lemon Magarita (IDR 75,000).

iced coffee

Whoever drinks Iced Cappucino (IDR 25,000) in a bar but someone did and remained utterly sober through the night.


Amen to these fried things that kept me grounded at least despite being a little floaty.


With tunes I barely recognized it is strange how the crowd actually lapped it all up.


 Boogied to the reggae music. Well, who cares about being embarrassed when you're in a foreign land?

Monkey Forest Street, Ubud., Gianyar

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  1. bisa minta upload foto band yang jadwal manggung nya hari sabtu gak?

  2. @anon: sure go ahead and use them but please credit me. :)