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Kayma Spa @ Ubud, Bali

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kayma spa

We made time for the second spa experience and this time at it was at Kayma Spa. Also hidden along one of those lanes from Monkey Forest Road, an experience was to behold...literally.


The walk into the alley brought us to a lush garden.

kayma spa

The stone way leading to the doors of the tranquil spa.


Water sounds and petals - already looking therapeutic.

ginger water

Hand napkins dished out with lemongrass water, loving the touches of their service.


A pretty lady comes round to introduce their massage oils and I picked orange lemon for a citrusy finish - who does not love smelling like a lemon drop?


One of the two couple rooms available with the same therapeutic view of rice paddy fields.

spa view

I figure I can never quite get enough of their rice paddy fields and slowly but surely these will be replaced by cement and sand someday. Until then, very precious sights.

Deep Tissue Massage (IDR 250.000,90 minutes)

I mused at the companion going for a non-Balinese masasage in Bali but it was therapeutic and possibly one of those massages that left him satisfied. Takes lots of effort trying to loosen the taut muscles of someone who gyms so often!

4 Hands Massage (IDR 400,000, 90 minutes)

Considered their signature, I had two therapists working on me at the same time one starting at the foot and the other from the head. As amazing as it sounds, it felt like a complete knead work and extremely relaxing. I only wished it really lasted longer than 90 minutes. No amount of words can describe the harmony of finger work, kneads and pulls that created one of the best massages I ever had. 

lemongrass tea 

And to end it off, fruits and tea.

Of the three spas attempted in Bali, this is a favourite already. Despite the higher prices but it is matched with unparalleled hospitality and massages. 

Kayma Spa

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