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Bridges @ Ubud, Bali

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Bridges, where the world meets.


Located at the foot of an uphill slope to the rest of Ubud, it is hard to miss this at night with an illuminated bridge of lover's locks. I made reservations for this way in advance to secure us a table and fair enough, we had to wait despite being early.

tree of locks

Love lock tree just outside the restaurant!

love lock

Someone's love declaration. 


Restaurant view from the bridge!

We had a pretty server introduce herself as our personal waitress for the evening - lovely start! The pity was not being able to get a table right next to the edge of the balcony.


Cosy corners that make the restaurant extra charming! Great for dates methinks.


Placed on every table to have our hands cleaned before tucking into bread - every restaurant should have this seriously!

menu light

Menu lights to assist with our careful selection of food - so we cannot blame the poor lighting.


Water was on the house for this thankfully! Warm water does get its way around sometimes.

bread man

It could be the whole get up that makes balinese hospitality extra warm. 


Complimentary bread rolls of whole wheat and normal - these doughy buns were not spectacular but good enough.

amuse bouche

Another on the house, these bite sized amuse bouche were cute choux puffs plumped with truffle cream. 

beef salad

Rare Beef Salad

A spectacular display of tangy in this simple salad with thai hints here and there. Well executed starter and it certainly got all of us excited for the courses to come.


Balinese Spiced Duck

I would have wanted the  twiced cooked duck breast which was sold out hence the second choice of spiced duck which coincidentally ended up being almost every companion's choice. Wonderfully perfumed and marinated, the duck meat was easy to tease from the bone and really tasty too. The main grouse was the acquired side of egg plant and cashews. This definitely fared better than Bebek Bengil's 24 Hour Braised duck the last visit!


Filet Mignon

Less outstanding somehow, we could have over expected from this grilled favourite. Underwhelming in terms of flavour and succulence.


Chicken Roulade

Mighty surprised in this hand rolled blend of chicken meat and spices. The vegetable lasagne was also remarkably tasty. 

We were pleasantly surprised with the culinary surprises created with poultry. Not quite the authentic Balinese cuisine here but it was good enough for us to remember the enchanted restaurant memorably. Prices for drinks were on par with those at Monkey Forest - how I wish I stayed longer for drinks!

Jl. Campuhan, (near Museum Antonio Blanco )
Ubud 80581, Bali - Indonesia

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