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Bali Knick Knacks

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Trust the snack monster to be on full force during trips like that. 

mr p

Mr P is their homegrown brand for nuts since I have seen friend bring these back by the carton! Please have them chilled before consuming, masks the oil taste for one and makes it crunchier.


Honey roasted peanuts 

Sweetened nuts.

honey nuts

Chilli roasted peanuts

Loves this best! Like chilli padi, these morsels pack a lovely spicy kick.


These were looser to bite than Twisties and I could have had a better Cheetos in our local supermarts than Bali's.

tempeh chips

I sit on the fence when it comes to tempeh - a familiar bean ingredient for malay dishes.


Since they do their mee goreng so well, we thought the instant mee would live up to its name.


Spare no expense in emptying out the flavour sachets.

instant noodles 

MSG loaded.


Disappointing though, it was just meh-dinary at best. Maybe the brand, maybe the flavour but I would prefer a plate of fried meegoreng over this anyday.

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