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The Period Pratunam @ Bangkok

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I am hooked on Boutique hotels, mainly for price and a difference experience. The main deciding factor is still distance from the main shopping belt in Bangkok for us and this time, we decided to check out a new hotel.


Down the alleys of Soi Phetburi 15, a rather busy lane despite looking forlorn.

next door

Just next door to our hotel is Boxpackers Hostel, a really affordable place to stay for budget travellers.

the period

There we are at The Period Pratunam! In broad daylight it is easy to spot but for cab drivers, they are probably more familiar with Center Point just doors away.


Endless Room we got for queen sized bed and a decent sized room! I love the fact that they use Nature Latex mattress bedding! The bed was comfy and indeed, I was well rested. 


Spacious toilets but my main grouse is the shower power! Water was nearly trickling at its worst but otherwise, showers we average affairs.

Our SGD 49 per night price tag included both the room and breakfast - value for money, at its finest.


The morning spread that would sport some changes in the three nights we stayed.


The usual cheery looking garden salad.


For those with a western palette.


Condiments for the stir fried dishes.

orange juice

Orange juice to kickstart the day, tasted like freshly squeezed orange juice with fanta orange.


The staples of western and eastern. My favourite has to be the thick kuay teow noodles - satisfying one!


Looking straight off a zichar stall, the beehoon was a tad hard but I thought it decent.


More chinese noodles that were also decent.

coco crunch

Strangely or not, I enjoyed Koko Crunch best.

Adequate breakfast for the day. There is ample street food options just outside the hotel or down the alley to the mainroad so you won't go hungry!

We had a comfortable stay but the location is not stellar. Hardly within walking distance to Phaya Thai BTS station or what the map says. We did not bother to walk with all the luggages - the walk would mean going to the back alleys and on the railway tracks.

The Period Pratunam

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  1. Was looking through your posts and had to comment on again! I am planning to go to BKK in Sep too and was wondering if you would stay at this hotel again? Did you book this hotel via the hotel website or through hotel booking sites like

  2. hi there! I wldnt mind staying here again if I knew the way to the hotel from the bts sky train! Until the end of my vacation I never knew and had to rely on the cabbies to bring us to the station.

    Oh, I booked it from the hotel direct. :) Hope that helps!

  3. Great thanks!!

  4. Hi, would like to ask what time does the morning breakfast starts at The Period Pratunam?