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Souvenirs from Land of Smiles

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Souvenirs that we lugged back this time round, I suppose after a trip or two the favoured ones are identified and everything else they say is - just grab and pay.

wasabi nuts

Here's a shoutout for a fabulous one from Phuket at a cashew farm. Wasabi cashews are so addictive and easy to polish off. It did not take long before we were at the bottom of the can. Word has it that these are a tad pricey. 

The main places that I usually go to load up on the Thai favourites are

MBK Level 3 - There is a row of souvenir shops located next to each other. Prices do not vary too much, just head into the stall that appeals. 

Platinum Mall Level 6 - Same floor as the foodcourt but the range is alot lesser.

Terminal 21 - Tao Kae Noi Land is where dreams come through. All sorts of tidbits and something different from the usual souvenirs. 

Suvarnabhumi Airport - They have tons of the specialty shops in the departure area after clearing customs. Bear in mind that there is of course a price premium to pay for convenience.

Lim Zhen Xiang Chinatown - Their flagship store is huge and definitely worth a visit! Otherwise, their wares are also found all over.


I grabbed them in a variety of flavours. Addictive oily snacks perfect for that stay in movie night.

bak kwa

Bak Kwa from Bangkok tends to be meatier and sweet. The flavour seen above is beef and chilli flavoured.

banana chips

Banana chips for the snack monster, I love how these are not too sweet.


Rice crackers with pork floss make delightful tea treats.


Rolled wafers with pork floss are next in line for superduperveryyummy! A good alternative to our loveletters. I have tried so many brands and all seem as good!

pork floss

Stack me up, delicious.

pork floss sticks

Ah yes, the famed dog poo shaped pork floss sticks. Priced exorbitantly at Ichiban, these are but a fraction of the cost in Bangkok and is a great accompaniment for congee!

bangkok banana

I chanced upon this at Tao Kae Noi, solar dried banana snacks.


Queer at first but these would just pass off as dried banana anyday, tasting really like a banana fruit, only denser.

What do you lug back then?

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