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Roadside Crepes @ Pratunam

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I love my roadside food and would in a heartbeat walk down the dusty lanes with shopping bags on one hand and sticks of food on the other. Yet, guts I always fail to have. I suppose with houseflies hovering in colonies over pre-cooked food is already a warning sign not to touch, hence I had my eyes set on food cooked on the spot. One year back, I wanted to try and one year later, I finally did.

I found them at the lane next to Glow @ Shibuya.

crepe stalls

Two crepe carts opposite each other enjoyed equally brisk business. It took me till my last day to join the queue for one of these crazily fragrant things! As much as I could make out of the ingredients, I just pointed and really did not worry too much about the price - I assumed crepes would not cost that much anyway.


Before I could even order mine, I witnessed a case of pure bully infront of me. No naming of nationality but this foreigner paid for his crepe and with the crepe in hand started calculating. Displeased with the cost, he questioned her in halting English - "Why so much?"

She proceeded to point to the ingredients and there he spotted the erroneous ingredient - cashews. Logically, if he were allergic to nuts he would not order peanut butter, nonetheless, he kicked up a fuss.

"I oredi told you don't want cashew nuts what, why you still put?"
And he stood there like a statue refusing to move. Out of sheer desperation, the girl took over the freshly made crepe and re-made another on the spot. My heart went out to her. For all that effort and a pesky customer like this, I wonder what profit was made.


In its full glory. 

Peanutbutter and Banana (60 Baht) 

The young girl pulled off this crepe so brilliantly, as if it were second nature to her. I watched her intently as she scattered the ingredients, rolled it up and presented to me with a smile. Yes it was a large crepe and it smelt so awesome. One bite into this huge ass love letter, I was in culinary heaven. Peanut butter and banana does taste heavenly together. Perhaps some say it is the technique in ensuring the crepe is not over cooked and at the right thickness..all I say is, it is made with loads of passion and love.

banana peanutbutter

I wonder what they do to this treat to make it such a memorable crepe and right down to the last bite, it truly is the best crepe ever eaten.

If only I ate this earlier, I would have in a heartbeat made brunches, teas and suppers out of this! Spot it if you can, for this cheap little treat!

Here's some street scenes to tantalise your tastebuds and hopefully you'll have more guts than me to check them all out!


A shot of the hawker who waved a finger at me for taking a shot of her stall upfront. Tit for tat, maybe I'll give it a go some day!


Plenty of fruit to meet the daily vitamin C intake requirements.


Hello kitty and durian.


Glorious sticks of red.


More fruit, rambutans were all the rage.


And more.


Seemingly friendly and widely popular sticks of pleasure.


Cai Png anyone?


Bangkok's take on fried carrot cake, smelt great too!



under the bridge 

And lastly, under the highway flyover. Trust them to make business anywhere. 

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