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Platinum Mall Eats

Platinum Mall has been THE shopping destination for me through the years. When Pratunam Center was lauded as the up and coming place and Platinum Mall was still being built, it was MBK for me then. 7 storeys worth of heaven especially for females with just one floor for men, it is a paradise for both sexes.


Make this your first stop at the food court.


Their food court works on a stored value system - pretty much like our EZ link card. Reckon that reduces pilferage of funds since the owners are not the ones at the stalls proper.


Coconut (55 THB)

Coconuts in Thailand always taste better, the best soothing solution in such hot temperatures.

pad thai

Stall 11
Pad Thai (110 THB)

Queues are long for this and this appeared on most of the orders. Prawns or not, the pad thai was the same. Noodles were cook just right but rendering on the soggy side.


Stall 12
Tom Yum Goong (100 THB)

Each order comes with a side of white rice and we made a mistake of not ordering another bowl at the counter. Subsequent orders of white rice need to come with a dish - illogical to me but that's how the stalls work. This was a tad sweet and hardly authentic despite the spiciness.

mince pork

Minced Pork Basil Leaf Rice (55 THB)

This was a better showcase of the spices, fiery hot and very satisfying.


Stall 23 Fish Ball Noodles
Tom Yum Noodles (50 THB)


I like their thin kuay teow noodles used and the broth was still not as spicy as I would have wished. Replacing the usual tomyum soup suspects with fishballs, meatballs and fish slices makes this different.

chilli rice

Stall 21
Rice mixed with Shrimp Paste Omelette and Sweet Pork (55 THB)

Rice powered with chilli was enough to cause a nosebleed. I find this dish most authentic perhaps and not that tourist-friendly. Fish bones were found in the rice, omelette and sweet pork were served cold. Maybe this is how the Thais eat and most of them tuck into it so heartily. An interesting dish but I ma not about to head for seconds.

crab salad

Stall 25
Mango Salad with Crab (50 THB)

I meant to head for papaya salad but was distracted by mango salad. Raw mango tasting like guava ended up in a really sour salad. The crab was a marinated skinny fella - I barely tasted meat!

grilled chicken

Noodle with Chicken

This was definitely more acceptable with fried chicken and a packet of noodles that resemble laksa noodles on a diet.

mango sticky rice

Stall 5
Mango Sticky Rice (110 THB)

As much as the heart was calling out to crepes, we could not let go of any opportunity to eat mango sticky rice. The sweetest mangoes paired with warm glutinous rice drizzled in sweetened coconut milk. Delicious!


Always a fan of their hospitality.


Not a fan of their crowds, though.

The foodcourt is a great way to experience Thai food if the roadsides do not appeal for hygiene reasons. Always go where the queues are, saves plenty of trial and error.

Platinum Mall

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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