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Nam Nam Noodle Bar Revisited @ Raffles City

Vietnamese food is hardly up my alley, not even in the land of pho and traffic that knows no bounds. Until Nam Nam came along, of course. The queues are hardly dissuasive - which further propels it to delicious-dom since Singaporeans are more than willing to queue for good food and relentlessly so.


Tick, order and pay at the counter and wait for food - easy! I'm actually loving the mug used. 

bahn mi

Pork Meatballs, Pork Pate Bahn Mi ($5.90)

I love Bahn Mi but chide the vietnamese version for just being kopitiam baguette with a pile of ingredients. Nam Nam's is localised with more bite and filled with ingredients that would make Subway and their proclaimed 6-inches shy. Starchy meatballs meet velvety smooth pork bate and a cream sauce so delicious and savoury, I forgot the mess I had already created and chomped on like a kid eating a peanut butter jelly sandwich.

bahn mi

Grilled Chicken, Chicken Pate ($5.90)

Another delicious one with grilled chicken so tender. I loved the addition of pickled vegetables that gave it the added oomph For those preferring meat with a bite, meatballs would be more outstanding.

cold cut

Cold Cuts, Char Siew, Pork Pate ($5.90)

This is the closest to Subway's cold cut trio with ham dominating the taste of the sandwich. Somehow it was lost in the cold cut without allowing char siew and pork pate to shine as they did for the rest. 


White cabbage, chicken salad, fresh herbs, roasted peanuts ($5.90)

Pleasantly surprised by the portions and flavour - clean tasting dish that could change my impression of vietnamese greens. A really down to earth unassuming dish.

vietnamese rolls

Fresh southern rolls with sweet shrimps, egg, fresh herbs ($4.90) 

They have definitely made local out of this authentic Vietnamese delights - chewier skin than usual without the mass of raw greens.


Fried prawn and pork rolls ($4.90)

Well, deepfried till crisp and served with a thai dipping sauce - I wonder if this is really vietnamese but who cares when it is fried food!

chicken pho

Pho Chicken ($7.90)

A less flavourful number as compared to beef.

beef balls pho

Pho Beef Balls ($8.90)

Bouncier than chicken balls, these are as good as beef slices.


Pho Beef Steak Slices ($8.90)

I love the texture of the noodles here, al dente! Broth is wholesome too and makes slurping and slushing in satisfaction almost mandatory.


We supplemented it with sides of beef slices, heaven on earth satisfaction.

iced coffee

Black Coffee with Ice ($2.50)

Kick ass potent, the coffeeholic affirms.

iced coffee

Classic iced coffee with condensed milk ($2.50)

A crowd favourite, definitely one up for vietnamese coffee!


Dessert alert!


Deep-fried banana, sesame seeds, smoked coconut sauce (warm) ($3.90)

No different from goreng pisang, the main draw had to be the smoked coconut sauce that gave the sweet-savoury finish.


Pomegranate Sorbet ($3.90)

I never quite tasted pomegranate so condensed till this sorbet, the encounters with juice and fruit have been ordinary.


Loved the intensity of the tangyness of the fruit - perfect palette cleanser!


Note the hours, peak are usually at lunch and of course dinner...even up to 8pm at night so plan your visit wisely!

Their beef pho does bring back memories of the heydays of the beef noodle scene in Singapore back in the 90's before the first mad cow epidemic ruined the way the world saw beef. 

Another lovely visit to Nam Nam and a renewed interest in Vietnamese food - localized. I cannot wait to tick the rest of the items from the menu soon!

Nam Nam Noodle Bar
Raffles City Basement

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  1. I have wanted to try it but its always so crowded with a long queue too

  2. @FoodieFc: heh, take the plunge and join the queue!! Definitely no regrets

  3. Look like they have some new items on the menu. I don't remember seeing the sorbet when I last visited.

  4. @Dashtaz: hehe, sounds like they update their menu every now and then! Go try!!