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Mister Donut @ Platinum Mall, Bangkok

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The basement of Platinum Mall is quite a haven for shoppers on the go - I wish for the luxury of time to rest my legs for a cuppa and cake at Black Canyon Coffee (sigh, the rainbow cake!). There are takeaway counters for crepes, waffles and even donuts to feed the hunger pangs whilst seeding out the best buys.

bavarian cream

Bavarian Shell (10 THB)

This has been a favourite since Dunkin Donut days but now, nearly every other donut shop has this flavour. I love having an icing moustache just munching it and slurping up the custard filling.


Pon De Ring White Chocolate (22 THB)

Chewy blobs of dough! I personally think all donuts should have this consistency.

Saku Saku Glazed (25 THB)

 Like a cake with icing, this was way too sweet!


Chocolate Kokoro (25 THB)

Meant for chocoholics with the puffed up pastry smothered in chocolate sauce.

It is actually surprising that with so many sugary treats around the Thais are still so skinny! With Dunkin Donuts entering and exiting Singapore so many times, I wonder why Mister Donut has yet to make an appearance.

Mister Donut
Platinum Mall Basement

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