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M.A.D. @ Turf City


The collaboration between Tunglok and Dick Lee birthed Modern Asian Diner. Positioned as a hip place that marries a bar, retail shop, restaurant and even bakery all in one place, expectations are high with the big names involved.


It is surprisingly decently filled on a weekday dinner, at Turf City no less. I would think of it as a ghost town back then but I suppose with PasarBella being the hottest place in town, it drove some traffic to surrounding establishments as well.

dick lee

Spot the m.a.d. man.


Open concept kitchen for a more interactive experience.


Drinks to unwind?


The place is chichi from the decor to the ordering system - on an iPad! No surprise anyway with all the tapping but the downside is then, changes to the orders are not entertained.

touch screen

By default screensaver.


Get lucky with cosy pink corners like these!


Cute napkins. 


House Salad ($8)

Very pricey salad for the portion of greens and dash of dressing.

pork belly

Spicy Miso Pork Belly Sliders ($12)

Spicy was clearly missing from the miso pork belly. The bread bun used was too airyfairy for a decent bite. The straw used to hold it together did the bare minimum since lifting it from the plate caused much inconvenience.


Lobster and Crab Tacos ($16)

The tacos were barely toasted, like popiah skin with a bit more bite. Yet, the lobster and crab salad within was delicious. Seemed promising here.


Double boiled Seafood and Conpoy Dumpling in Superior Soup ($12)


Recently hooked on big dumplings in soups, this was really mediocre. The dumpling skin was too thick and filling reminded me of Hakka style Stir Fry Taro Dumplings somehow. Crystal prawns were rather flat in taste.

truffle fries

Truffle Fries ($8)

Wonderfully perfumed but that was it, pretty ordinary fries.

beef siew mai

Steamed Black Angus Beef Siew Mai ($6.20)

Very traditional with this since orange peel was used in this bouncy number. I suppose angus beef or not, I can barely taste it in its bounciness. Please pass the pork siew mai back!


Deep-fried Prawn Roll with Cheese ($5.50)

Arguably the best of the meal since it was decently crispy and cream cheese did ooze after much prodding. 


Barbecue Pork Bun with Oyster Sauce ($5.50)

Hongkonger had nothing good to say about this but I thought it too sweet. Quite a letdown since Tunglok is a chinese restaurant afterall.

While Fried Rice Paradise remains one of Dick Lee's hits, I should have known better and ordered that instead of the other distractions. A really mediocre eating establishment that is a jack of plenty of trades.

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