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Le Beaulieu @ Athenee Plaza, Bangkok

I have given up on Googlemaps in Bangkok, distance and traffic are two huge variables that render tracking down restaurants quite a pain. Does not help that waving down more than six cabs was part of the ritual till one kind soul decided he could go by "meter" and roughly knew where the restaurant is.

le beaulieu

Truth be told, we arrived a grand hour late in the road ruckus that bangkok has - the journey proper took more than 45 minutes. Located next to Athenee Hotel, it is more of an office building.


Interior that was well, expected. No arty surprises or any attempt to be different from the other french restaurants. 


Only time for a business lunch that was well, still not a hurried affair.


Bread basket of sliced baguettes filled us up considerably. Not that it was the best but great hunger fillers these are.


Chomp away as they are refilled regularly.


Nothing that a dash of seasalt cannot solve - traffic blues, away!

pork terrine

Pork Terrine
Organic salad, apple ginger chutney

A meaty terrine with a zesty chutney for a lovely contrast.


Carrot and Fourne d'Ambert Soup
Chervil Emulsion

A pretty well done carrot soup without any of the nasty rawness of the carrot. In fact, it had a nice tart finish.


Slow Cooked Egg
Organic Salad

poached egg

I fell in love with this dish - even with so many slow cooked egg dishes attempted. Flavours spot on and whatever organic salad means, I enjoyed the variety of greens on my plate.

pork belly

LB "Pot Au Feu"
Pork Belly, Veal Tongue

I always seem to get floored by pork belly in a French restaurant. I was definitely not expecting a brothy one though and this was absolutely perfect for a dish from an asian menu. Nothing too spectacular a broth but the varieties of meat cuts within the dish were welcoming. I enjoyed veal tongue most with the tendons (yes, I hardly enjoy tendon in my meat). Pork belly was hardly a joy with the random hairs poking out of the skin - eww.


The side of ginger that helped to provide an edge to this otherwise bland dish. 

sea bass

Mushroom Risotto
Bacon and Cream Emulsion

My favourite of the list of mains - simple but right. Bacon and cream goes as well as peanut butter and jelly. Loves.

Seabass Fillet
Pork Mash Potato, Beurre Blanc Sauce

Somewhat fishy but the sauce and mash were wicked!

apple tart tartin

Apple Tart Tartin
Vanilla Icecream

One tart that is filled with sour jam. Not the best eaten.

creme brulee

Cream Brulee
Passion Fruit Sorbet

The texture of the brulee was odd, somewhat coarse with hints of chestnut. The sorbet was a hands-down winner for refreshing.

Mocca (145 THB)


Macchiato (125 THB)


Americano (125 THB) 


Camomile Tea (125 THB)

It was a meal of hits and misses. While many rave about Chef Herve and his works, I suppose lunch is not a fair judgement but if it were a yardstick to measure my willingness for a return - I doubt I would.

695++ THB
Evian large 195 THB

Le Beaulieu
Athenee Plaza, Ground Floor

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