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Krispy Kreme @ Siam Paragon

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Krispy Kreme, highly revered for their sugar glazed donuts. I wept tears of joy when I sunk my teeth into my first Krispy Kreme in South Korea. Perhaps it was winter, perhaps it was free..but boy, it was the best donut eaten alive.

Possibly the only other South East Asian country to nab a franchise after Malaysia, I always wish Singapore had an outlet.


We finally tracked down the outlet at Siam Paragon after all these years!


Trays of happiness. 

krispy kremes

Looking at a box full of donuts always make me happy as a lark.

sugar glazed

Sugar Glazed - Always a favourite and definitely a classic of Krispy Kreme's.

cookies and cream

Cookies and Cream

Topped with crushed oreos and filled with chocolate creme, one decadent treat!


Icing dusted donut with strawberry filling. This is very Dunkin Donuts.

Green Tea

A gentle green tea rendition. 

Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled

Plumped with chocolate cream, it was missing out on some decadence.


New York Cheesecake

Cheesecake filling and graham crackers made this donut like a cheesecake, somehow I felt this was an overload without evening tasting like a donut.

Their donuts somehow got drier when eaten the next day, I suppose this is what eating them "fresh" means.

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Krispy Kreme 
Siam Paragon

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  1. I visited too late. Near their closing time and there were not many variety of doughnuts left. =(

    Within, this level, there's this place called 'After You Dessert Café'. Its chocolate lava cake and toast are heavenly!

  2. @foodie: aw wasted!! I read about that place, is it the shibuya toast???

  3. @FoodieFC: heh, shall try that on my next trip!

    1. oh, today's news. Krispy Kreme will be opening in Singapore in Oct!

  4. @FoodieFC: yes! people have been telling me so..let's just see how exorbitant they'll be priced!