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Kaiton Chicken Rice @ Opposite Palladium Center, Bangkok

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When we all think that Hainanese Chicken Rice can only be found on Hainan Island and then Singapore, think again. Actually anywhere with Hainese gets you chicken rice. Land of Smiles is also home to this favourite and in fact, most food courts would have a stall selling chicken rice.

found it

This ever popular stall with a 50 year heritage shifted and still continues to draw burgeoning crowds at any dining hour. It was  Finding a table was a sheer stoke of luck for us.


In all that squiggly, just resort to the universal language of pointing.


Filled with locals and tourists alike.


I can imagine the number of cucumbers they peel a day.


A menu made easy for tourists. 


A cannot do without for any chicken rice meal - their version of a power chilli. 

chicken rice

Chicken Rice (50 THB)

Fragrant rice with steamed chicken. Nothing too fancy but it was a really food chicken rice. While Singaporeans love the chilli paste with ginger, their's is slightly different. We spotted frozen chickens the size of turkeys there!

Their power chicken soup is the reason why customers fork out 20 THB for extra soup - think chicken bones soaking in a peppery broth. Makes me go - a bak kut teh kind of soup with chicken bones!


Neither known as roast pork or barbequed pork,  this lean number tasted pretty much like braised pork, only leaner and firmer.

papaya salad

Papaya Salad (40 THB)

We all thought this was from the chicken rice stall until the lady came from opposite with a plate in hand and then all the horror stories about food poisoning from roadside carts were thrown out of the window. I wonder what makes roadside somtum this good, perhaps the pollution but this had the right blend of sour and spicy - best of the trip.

huge chickens

I wonder how big are their turkeys if their chickens are already the size of those. 


A takeaway as a affirmation of its goodness. 


Good enough for supper too!

We struggled to make ourselves understood - even ordering som tum with a Singaporean accent caused much laughter. Hearty coffeeshop food with a thai hospitality - me hearts.

Kaiton Chicken Rice
Opposite Palladium Center

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