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Have a Zeed by Steak Lao @ Terminal 21, Bangkok

Terminal 21 has been touted to be the place to eat, shop and well spot celebrities - there was a bunch performing on stage the day we were there but whoever they were, we were not interested.

have a zeed

A cosy cafe with a steady following throughout dinner, reservations are highly recommended to avoid the queues.


Well before that, with a name like that is already eye catching...perhaps steak is their specialty but we did not order any of that.


Shrimp Cakes (180 THB)

I wish these were filled with plump prawns but just prawn paste, breaded and deepfried.

shrimp cake

A crowd favourite, with every table ordering one plate at least. 

fried papaya salad

Crispy Papaya Salad (150 THB)

A modern take on a thai classic, it tasted more like vegetable tempura with thai sweet sauce. I still prefer the classic version.

green curry

Green Curry with Chicken (150 THB)

The only green curry dish we had, this was too sweet unfortunately. 


Spicy Tanghoon (130 THB)

Like a chilli padi, small and packs a punch. Its fury is only unreleased when the tanghoon is slurped down. One fiery dish but creates so much satisfaction, I could have just plates of this.

pork neck

Grilled Pork Neck (180 THB)

Two Fat Men bar did good out of this and so did Have a Zeed! Grilled to perfection - note, perfection. I never quite like tendon running all over my meats but for pork neck - by all means! Well charred and smothered in a fiery blend of chilli seeds and chilli oil, it was sssssssssssshiooook exemplified ten times over. You may argue its tenderness is derived from a lack of use of a pig's neck but
whatever the case, the most underused part and the most delicious!


Yakult Smoothie (85 THB)
Lemon Smoothie (85 THB)

Both were refreshing drinks to extinguish the fumes of heat within. 

iced tea

Looking like carrot juice.

thai iced tea

Thai Iced Tea (79 THB) with Iced Tea cubes to make this one potent drink.

mango rice

Mango Sticky Rice (150 THB)

Sweet mangoes meet savoury glutinous rice. I can have this every single meal and not be sick of it. Throw it the crunchy roasted grains for bite - how not to love?

It was a random stumble upon and we loved it. Well, crowds do say a thing or two about the place...ain't it?

Have a Zeed by Steak Lao
Terminal 21

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