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Chicken Rice Stall @ Pratunam

12:03 PM , 2 Comments

chicken rice stall

The only kind of street food we attempted was a coffeeshop along the bustling streets enroute to Platinum Mall.

hanging chicken

Hi there, chicky! They serve both roasted and steamed chicken but clearly, they were sold out by evening time.


This is what I call teamwork - just to prepare a plate of chicken rice.


The usual chicken rice suspects.

chicken rice 

An ample feed for a toddler. Good enough for an appetizer for an adult. Chicken is render, rice a tad soft but hardly anywhere near our famous lard-laden chicken rice in Singapore. Compared to Kaiton, it loses out in the power chicken soup and definitely fragrance. 

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. I have just been to bangkok too. Did not eat their chicken rice as I was told they open only at night. Any idea what is their opening hours?

  2. @foodiefc: If im not wrong, they open from morning till about 6-7pm, until they sell out.