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Cafe Ritazza @ Suvarnabhumi Airport

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Food options are one too many at Suvarnabhumi Airport. I always find myself debating inside - food or last minute retail therapy. Claiming taxes at the airport can be quite a b* if it coincides with a jumbo flight and that usually leaves me running to grab food and of course, dashing as if I were running away from a ticking bomb back to the departure gates.

Someone should just implement a 3 hour check in time required and I may just have enough time to shop and eat my heart's out.


Logically, we should have ended the last meal in Bangkok on a thai note but time was not on our side for a leisurely wait and sit meal.


Overpriced mango sticky rice!


We settled for easy to chomp sandwiches in the end. I have to illustrate the heart wrenching process of purchasing this with time ticking away furiously. 

We wanted them sliced for easy sharing later and the kind lady took it on herself to pack them separately after slicing them so evenly and toasting it. She even beamed and said "ok?" when we were pacing up and down like hot ants on a heated wok - as much as I relish the Thai hospitality, we were tearing our way through crowds making that frantic dash to the departure gates only to find that our flight was delayed.  

So there, a hurried mad rush for a sit down meal.


Tuna Foccacia toasted with melted cheese!


BLT in a hearty way. They do a meaner Subway than Subway does.

This meal set us back slightly more than THB 300, regular sandwich prices that helped silence the hunger pangs on the flight home.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Gate E

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