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Bangkok Fastfood Editions: Mcdonads and KFC

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In the land of sawakadeeka, apart from shopping and pad thai, I look forward to the localised editions at fast food chains - many a time, I would be able to find something new! How right was I!

tuna corn pie

Corn and Tuna Pie (29 THB)

Mcdonalds Thailand joined Japan to release savoury pies - remember the bacon potato pie that was sold out in Japan? Here comes corn and tuna in Bangkok. I love the pie pastry - a kind of its own, crispy, crusty and doughy all at once and the filling is enough to make a hearty dessert or meal out of it. Tuna and corn actually go hand in hand - loved it so much to finish it till the last crumb.

banana caramel tart

Banana Caramel Tart (22 THB)

This tart required a squirt of caramel sauce and sprinkling of chocolate chips to complete the purchase. Piping hot, the flaky layers and custard were made awesome by the addition of banana and caramel. I'm completely loving this new creation - not too sweet too!


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