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Another Hound Cafe @ Siam Paragon, Bangkok

This is a chain of Italian-Thai fusion dishes and I have missed this one time too many already. Greyhound Cafe reminds me of P.S. Cafe, for some reason. It could be the decor or the ambience that speaks the same language for both. Queues were expectedly long for a Friday night and surprisingly the wait was only 30 minutes as compared to Roasted Duck downstairs that sparked a queue with a waiting time that even the waitress dare not commit.


I like the counter best, made it look like a pawnshop with grilles.


Creative lights.


Upclose and personal. 


Note that drinks are all chargeable, warm water included. 


Bite sized bread puffs to start the meal.

chicken wings

Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings (120 THB)
Deepfried marinated chicken wings in fish sauce

I never knew their chicken wings could be this skinny - the basket of wings were gone in no time. Juicy bites indeed.

fried raviolis

Ravioli with Shrimp (180 THB)

Simply fried wantons with shrimp and a delicious dill dip that we ended up dunking most stuff in.

fried rice

Egg and Garlic Fried Rice (200 THB)

I suppose I was looking for a Tomyum fried rice but ended up with a variant. It is probably the rice that makes the difference, this was a tasty dish.

pad thai2

Shrimp Pad Thai (200 THB)
Fried Thai rice noodle with tamarind sauce and fresh shrimp served with crushed peanut and chili powder

pad thai

Best of the trip! I wish I tracked down the town's best pad thai but these usually end up too sweet or soggy. Greyhound's is done al dente with an awesome bite and yummy garnishing. Two plates, I gladly oblige!

chicken burger

Sliced Thai Style Grilled Chicken with Garlic and Pepper on Sesame Bun (190 THB)
Garlic mayo, home fries, side salad

A let down. The grilled chicken was barely grilled, almost poached and "thai style" was barely tasted.


Even rice is presented so beautifully. 

I must say I was looking forward to desserts most but ended up being disappointed with the selection as most of what we picked were "sold out" - drats! Red velvet waffles and banana crepe cake were amongst the two.

lavendar icecream

Glace a la Lavende (75 THB)

Lilac is a good colour for lavender and yam icecream - many a time I forget what I'm eating and rely on the colour to discern. Smelt faintly like lavender but taste? I never tasted lavender by the sprig to comment. Just pleasant and sweet though I did not like the icy texture. Note that this is part of their special Parisan menu so it may not be available for long!

crepe cake

Berries Crepe Cake (150 THB)

They do a decent crepe cake, the custard and fine layers woven so beautifully together.


My main grouse is this was more sour from the berries than sweet.


Attempted and curiosity satisfied!

A more than decent place to dine with pocket friendly prices too! They handle their thai dishes better than fusion though, I would return specially for pad thai!

Another Hound Cafe
Siam Paragon, Level 3

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