Friday, June 28, 2013

Thefoodchapter's getting married: Themarriedchapter

Here's a shoutout to all my readers - I've got another extension of the blog! If you haven't already noticed, there's something new on the sidebar. While I have thought long and far about converting this blog from food to lifestyle, there is a certain reluctance because this place holds too many memories.

So I've decided to be a bit more conscientious to maintain both! :) For those who've yet to see any photos of me in this'll find some in themarriedchapter. Hence, the titling themarriedchapter rather than have so many spinoffs - theweddingchapter, thebabychapter, thehousechapter...all the way until theretirementchapter. I wish blogosphere would last that many years!

Food will still be an integral part of my life, so posts will be daily (try as I might and for as long as I can!). Thank you for your support and well, hop over if you are curious about how a foodie plans her wedding!

Meanwhile, keep chomping!