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Nam Nam Noodle Bar @ Raffles City

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The cheapest kid of the stable of adopted children under the Les Amis Group yet one with the longest queue. There is hardly a time I see it without a queue and people throng it like bees to honey. Sharing of tables is completely normal if not face a waiting time that could drag on for eternirty - sometimes, being sticky on your own table just does not work in your favour.


Lime soda ($3), hardly fizzy. 

beef pho

Pho Beef Steak Slices ($8.90)


I am not a Pho person, not even in its hometown. Flavourful broth sans the raw vegetables with slippery noodles, yum is an understatement. Oh, the thinly sliced beef - yes, cow died for a valid reason. 

Sliced Beef Steak

An additional side of thinly sliced beef, they kindly replaced them when we deemed it too raw. Delicious!

egg noodle

Quang Style Egg Noodle ($10.90)

Vietnamese minced pork mee pok without the dash of vinegar. Alkaline taste got to me towards the end.The cracker however was a delight, it can be eaten dry or soaking in the broth.

A reasonably priced Vietnamese joint for a casual meal, I've got my eye set on their bahn mi next!

Nam Nam Noodle Bar
Raffles City

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